Sunday, August 29, 2010

How many match ups become truth at DEEP 50's unintentional match making introduce?

Yesterday I introduce DEEP 50's match making from E-Plus.It introduce by many major MMA web and had a massive interest.I need edit post cause E-Plus withdraw card they announced online and said we have wrong announcement.

So I need explain how much we can trust those information.

I basically think those card are planned but not official yet.So if there is reason to avoid match ups those can change.Saeki said he plan 13 to 14 fights so mathematically E-plus match ups have more than 14 match ups if they doing all those fight plus making match for participants fighters.We should think some of those fight just seeking possibility at now.

Ryo Chonan said on his twitter,"(Watching E-Plus list)There is many card undecided yet.My one too." Since Yoshiyuki Yoshida had fight at Bellator before DEEP 50's event day.That's not really surprises me.

Shiya Aoki said at magazine "I have high priority on participate DEEP's commemorate event.But if my high salary effect event's profit,I need think about that part."Aoki thinks he want to be part of this event,but his high salary and his potential match ups at Dream 16 is risk for him to participate event.

Kuniyoshi Hironaka said on his twitter "Yoshihisa Yamamoto come to train at my gym.He have fight at October, same as mine" I feel this remark secure Yamamoto at least participate this event.How about you?

DEEP already officially announce some of match ups and participants.

Yuya Shirai vs Shigetoshi Iwase (WW Title)
Takafumi Otsuka vs Yoshiro Maeda

participate Katsunori Kikuno,Ryo Chonan,Sanae Kikuta

You are sure about what is already official now.It's rare to see plan match ups leaked in Japan.So you can enjoy how much those match ups can be official.

1 : Hiroshi Nagao is former pro wrestler fight for event "Hustle" as ring name "Giant Babo".His debut for MMA if it will happen.

2 : There is plan other guy debut MMA at E-plus list (I'm just forget cause after I introduce E-plus list to western world.Too many response to handle.)Katsuaki Furuki will debut if list is true.He is former NPB professional baseball player.He doing MMA training since December 2009.

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