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How to buy MMA ticket in Japan? (DEEP and Jewels)

How to buy MMA ticket in Japan? (DEEP and Jewels)
Note : I can't grantee this information's correctness.Ticket system or organization policy will change when they need.

How to buy MMA ticket in Japan? At first you need go Japanese MMA's organization web to find out ticket code.If you know those code,you can buy it at convenience store. I write about DEEP and Jewels at this article.I will write about other organization soon.I want respond if you use this article.I write this kind of thing and use diigo first time,so I don't know it works well.

At first you need install diigo to watch my web sticky note.


Did you install it? Then let's find out ticket code.

How to buy DEEP's ticket

DEEP official web

This is DEEP's official web.Click biggest jpg to watch event page.

event page

event page

You need watch sticky note and confirm card,date,venue,venue open time,event start time,ticket fee,when ticket start selling and most importantly p-code or l-code.

You need memo those code and bring them to convenience store.You need ask clerk how to buy ticket with code.You need show your p-code or l-code to clerk.

You need find out event's own p-code or l-code.every event have differ code.

How to buy Jewels's ticket

Jewels home page

This is Jewels's official web.You can find newest event details.I add sticky notes but it's just for next 19 March event.It will change when event is done but I do think they will appear next event with same style.


Japanese MMA event venue list with Google maps
If event is near hold date.There is possibility to finish ticket selling at ticket service.Still you can go to event and buy ticket at venue.(You need pay extra fee 500yen though.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Watch current Pancrase scene with my description

There is not many Japanese around MMA English forum for years.I can easily count those people and it never passed 10 peoples who continuously posting forum for years.I start posting at small forum,that make lot changes for my MMA audience life.

I have limited English knowledge.So I try to make a certain point when I start English conversation.Because I need people to admit my value of posting even when I'm not good at English.I bring relevance and logic from Japanese MMA culture and myself.I need severe view about fairness.I have bad memory about posting English forum with more worse language skill at non MMA forums before.

I'm start posting at English forum since 2006.I start it for my English studies.When I into MMA forums Japanese local MMA is about talking about Shooto.There is no surprise about it.Pride Bushido's main attraction is about who experienced Shooto's best division.

On the other hand other Japanese local promotion didn't catch many international fans.Pancrase is one of those orgs.DEEP and GCM always exist but DEEP isn't enough to build own talent at that era,GCM is about Wajyutsu Keisyukai's gym show,so there best talent often fight at outside.

English audience lose interest about Pancrase cause fighter struggle at Major.Yuki Kondo lose close dec at majors.Yoshiro Maeda get KOed by Bennet.I catch feeling Pancrase become local but certain product and I like it.

So I introduce that part of Pancrase with fighter's list.What foreign people evaluate local promotion is how they can produce major level talent.I like fundamental long time audience cheered Pancrase but sametime MMA organization need to be severe about match quality.I evaluate Pancrase's match making because they bring foreign talent when they struggle and secure quality.

I try to defend Yoshiro Maeda with word "randomness" that's best single word description for fighters I ever made.I'm amazed how my old fighter's list description is describe that era of Pancrase.Those are minimum description but it tell how this organization will go.

Simply I want Japanese local organization secure quality and keeps foreign media's enough attention.That's my hope.

Current Pancrase's most interesting division is flyweight.I hope this division get more attention with Shooto's crossover.

I recommend Tony Loiseleur and Jordan Breen's live Japanese MMA Play by Play series at Sherdog (it include Pancrase) for your hardcore joy.

Sherdog's article search by word "chat"

Latest Pancrase's event chat by Sherdog

2010/15/2 version Pancrase fighter's list

Light Heavy Weight

Champ Ryo Kawamura
Wasting time with being Light Heavy Weight.Sengoku Veteran.Have beat Daniel Acacio
Syunsuke Inoue Yoshida Dojo's Megaton fighter.

Middle Weight

Champ Ichiro Kanai
Like Boxing.People happy him being a champ but I want champ can fight at major with quality.
Yuki Kondo
Had a legend status at this local organization.Best perform is going distance with Hendo?

Izuru Takeuchi
I burst out laughed against Breen when he almost beat Dorksen.
Shiroobi : buwahahaha
Breen : Shiroobi, MMA conspiring against me is not funny.
Takenori Sato
Sakurabas top student never had teachers finish skill.
Yuji Hisamatsu
Somehow improved lately?The PINK TYPHOON.
Keiichiro Yamamiya
Long time veteran beat some major fighter at there local era.

Welter Weight

Champ Takuya Wada
Had beat Shooto ex-champ Shiko Yamashita recently,but there is no credibility for that division.
Kengo Ura
Debut at stateside.
Shingo Suzuki
Not much to say
Tomoyoshi Iwamiya
watch one above
Masahiro Toryu
watch two above

Light Weight

Champ Maximo "Maxi" Blanco
One of prospect get international attention.World class wrestle back ground with athletic sensation.Still rough specially on ground.
Koji Oishi
Drop division make decent ranker.
Katsuya Inoue
Satoru KItaoka's Kryptonite.
Satoru Kitaoka
Somehow managed major belt.Limited but have fatal finish submission.
Isao Kobayashi
One of those Sakaguchi Dojo's hard brawler.I prefer watch Kotetsu Boku vs Yukio Sakaguchi for that kind of fighter.
Daisuke "13" Hanazawa
Gate Keeper

Feather Weight

Champ Marlon Sandro
Hard hitter with quality submission.I doubt he will fight for local again.
Tomonari Kanomata
Have a decent fight history but pass the peak.
Kenji Arai
See one above.

Bantam Weight

Champ Manabu Inoue
I don't think he is bad fighter but don't think he will get a win at major.

Seiya Kawahara
He still have a lot expectations from organization.Explosive striker with still need improve ground skill.
Tashiro Akai
His gym is Nova Uniao Japan,but can't finish Kawahara.Decent ranker.


Champ Kiyotaka Shimizu
Recently fight former Shooto Champ Mamoru Yamaguchi and surprisingly fought well.

Isao Hirose
Top stundet of Naoyuki Taira who is inspiration of character of "Baki".
Mistuhisa Sunabe
Drop two weight class make him champ,but technically still room to improve.

Takuma Ishii
Grappler like take opponent's back.Tsuyoshi Kohsaka's pupil.
Takuya Eizumi
Have a KO power but struggle with division get quality with development.

2007/21/8 version Pancrase fighter's list

I heard Pancrase get broadcast in Canada.I know people get more interest with other scene.Pancrase is not Major,but not many but they produce major level talent.You can enjoy to watch this little planet with gain some info.

Heavy Weight

Assuerio Silva
UFC drop out

Arbocius Tiger
Latvian Karate champ
Mizuno Tatsuya
Japanese Gate Keeper

Light Heavy Weight

Yuki Kondo
Most pitiful fighter next to Sakuraba now.He have history though.

Fabio Silva
Beat Kawamura,his natural weight is LHW.
Ryo Kawamura
Get attention with beating Chute Box's Daniel Acacio.He can make MW.

Middle Weight

Yuichi Nakanishi
Goin fight in Bodog. Champs Biggest win "Izuru Takeuchi".

Izuru Takeuchi
Benchmark guy.He had some dance girl cheer him.
Brayane Rafiq
Riki Fukuda
I dunno he is ready for major.Soon we will find.

Gadzhiev Alavutdin
I think he or Fukuda is best fighter in this div.
Ichiro Kanai
Getting long way but seem decent fighter now.
Kozo Urita
Benchmark guy.Some good hands.Seem already pass peak.
Hikaru Sato Your cosplay guy.

Welter Weight

Daizo Ishige
Current champ get beat by Dan Hardy.So he need rest now.

Katsuya Inoue
Current interim champ.
Satoru Kitaoka
Best profile fighter in div without clown.notable win is Condit and Pellegrino.
Koji Oishi
Gate Keeper.

Light Weight

Artur Oumakhanov

Get beat by Dida.His strike skill need improve at defense and offense.
Takafumi Ito
Gate keeper.
Eriya Matsuda
KOing Kenji Arai.New comer.
Sa Jin Kwok

Jose Aldo
Explosive striker.

Yuji Hoshino
Decent WK guys.
Have a fastest KO record in Japan.Always enjoyable.
Kenji Arai
That's speedo dude.

Feather Weight

Yoshiro Maeda
King of randomness.Sametime win or lose,he can make fun.notable win is Paixao and Batten.

He have One of finest record if count him as BW.Notable win is Osawa and Imaizumi.
Miki Shida
One of FW top 3.notable win is Damacio Page.
Manabu Inoue
Benchmark guy.
Mitsuhisa Sunabe
Naoji Fujimoto

Daichi Fujiwara
Fun to watch.Good hands.Submission seem not bad also.Against Emmanuel Fernandez is real test for him.
Kentaro Imaizumi
Shooto drop out.
Danny Batten
I think he can put good fight against Taiki or Shida.
Jameel Massouh
Breen's best Reggie Cleveland All Stars fighter.
Jung Jin Suk
Koing AJ kick fighter.May he can show something.

Monday, February 8, 2010

TV to Web MMA's audience culture

When talking about MMA, some people want to show they're more knowledgeable as a fan. Does that have any value?

Sharing the knowledge you have is what's important. MMA discussion as a competition is meaningless. Acting elitist and ignoring forums for a place of discussion is wrong, because there are people who want to share and learn.

Sayama vs Costello

When did MMA start? There's many different ideas, but I would say 1984. Satoru Sayama, a former Japanese pro-wrestler. opened the first pro Shooto gym. Seven years earlier, he took on kickboxer Mark Costello in a stand-up fight, where he couldn't use submissions. Sayama always had a vision of "real fighting".

Some people blame MMA as not being sporting, or coming from the imagination of pro-wrestlers. That is a ridiculous idea: do you ever think about who invented your favorite ball sport, and if they were "unsporting"? Sports are sports based on skill and quality of competition, no matter their origin.

Shooto impacted a lot of organizations, taking a step toward making MMA a sport. They developed world and regional sanctioning bodies, the first modern MMA gloves that allowed fighters to both strike and grapple. They even used an octagonal ring, a precursor to the UFC's Octagon.

Gachinko (Gachinko meaning in English "No Work" Program start at 1999.)

There was a boxing reality show in Japan called "Gachinko" that predates "The Ultimate Fighter" in the United States.

The show brought thugs and toughs from the streets, and former world boxing champions trained them. Many of the contestants acted over-the-top intense and insane, a common point between it and TUF.

I had no idea this format would be MMA's breakout program. I wouldn't be surprised if some American TV producers saw Gachinko before making "The Ultimate Fighter", since producers often watch foreign programs and bring the format to their own country to profit.

Dana White doesn't act like other sports owner, assuming a kind of boss attitude on "The Ultimate Fighter". That's not surprising, by any means, because it fits the audience. Many people believe that the UFC wanted to convert the pro-wrestling audience to the MMA audience.

A lot of people were interested in Shinya Aoki giving Mizuto Hirota the middle finger after breaking his arm. Japanese network TBS broadcast that incident on New Year's Eve. On New Year's Eve in Japan, every family gets together at home and eats soba, so it is the biggest time for all of Japanese TV.

Does TBS not care about what people watch? I don't think so. I think they intentionally broadcasted it. The internet has changed people's personalities, where now even moderate or unclever people are outspoken and aggressive. There is now a greater interest in that sort of personality that Aoki showed on New Year's Eve.

Aoki's personality itself is not an ordinary character for MMA. He has said himself he's wouldn't make a good "street fighter", but thinks of himself as a nerdy strategist. He's an eloquent speaker, and has massive knowledge of MMA, including the American MMA scene, which is rare for Japanese fighters. His attitude symbolizes the current era, and that's why he's leading the Japanese MMA industry. There may be other elite Japanese fighters, but none get attention like Aoki.

I've always said I support MMA as a sport, but at the same time, some idealists ignore the fact MMA needs to make money. MMA is both a fighter's living and the audience's entertainment. Sport for sport's sake is just a fantasy. Of course, there is often no relationship between being popular and being talented in MMA, so we need to consider both sport and entertainment.

Other sports audiences want stats, analysis and mechanical subdivisions. With MMA, intense characters and promoters' quotes make people talk. Do baseball fans care that much about what Bud Selig says?

Because of that, MMA fans who want analysis need to discuss the sport with each other. The sport's media is not good enough to tell about all MMA's charms. The sport's history is short enough for fans to access and create a culture of analysis and influence. It is us, as a vocal audience, that influence the shape of the sport. So, dive in.

Big thanks to Jordan Breen for English and editing.