Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 fighter decided for Sengoku Bantam weight tournament

Wataru Inatsu
Hiryu Okamoto
Wataru Takahashi
Takuya Eizumi
Kyu Jin Choi

Takuya Eizumi

SRC planned other 4 fighter get recommended from Shooto,Pancrase,Cage Force and ZST.

One candidate can imagine.

Winner of Manabu Inoue vs Seiya Kawahara from Pancrase.

I hope Philippine,China and Mongolian fighter enter tournament.Win and lose isn't that much matter.When Korean fighter come to Japan many of them lose before but they improve lately and clearly become strong MMA country.

Friday, May 14, 2010

How to apply SRC Asian bantam weight tournament

When I found out that SRC (formerly named Sengoku) will hold a Bantamweight Asian MMA tournament and that it was open for applicants (with certain conditions),
I thought it was a brilliant idea because many Asian fighters outisde of Japan lack a route into Major MMA events.

But there is a problem: SRC didn't translate their conditions for entry into the tournament from the original Japanese notification.

I have translated the details of the entry conditions, but I'm not a professional translator, so keep in mind that I can be wrong. You will need to read the original text in Japanese to know how to fill out the application.

(the original Japanese notification and entry conditions by SRC)

【SRC Bantamweight ASIA Tournament 2010 entry requirements】

● Tournament's purpose

1 To define who is the Bantamweight champ in Asia, which is the most competitive class in the region.

2 To hold an open tournament, and to give opportunities to more pro-fighters to participate in a Major MMA event. We aim to give fighters a chance to win substantial prize money and fair fight purses which will help them realize their dreams and hopes.

3 To display difficult survival matches that will move a wider audience and elicit their sympathy, which will broaden the MMA market.

● Prize money and Purse

1 Tounamet Winner : 3000000 yen (32000USD)

2 Fight purse : All fighters' first purse of the tournament will be 100000 yen (1070USD)

● Qualifications for entry into the tournament

1 Weight limit: 61.2 kg and under (SRC's Bantamweight class will be in effect from the next SRC event, SRC 13)

2 Experience: Applicants must have verifiable Japanese citizenship, citizenship in an Asian country, or must have lived in the Asia region for 10 years. Applicants must also fulfill at least one of three conditions below:

・Have a professional license in a Japanese or overseas professional MMA organization.

・Have at least five professional mixed martial arts fights with a better than .500 overall record.

・Have a recommendation from the gym or promotion to which the applicant belongs.

3 Age:  Applicant must be 35 years old and under (as of June 30, 2010)

4 Medical examination: Applicants who pass the above documentation selection must pass a medical examination by SRC within the designated application acceptance period.

● Method to apply for particpation in the tournament:

1 Fill in the application and submit it to the SRC Committee by FAX.

2 Application acceptance period :  10/5/2010 to 5/6/2010

● Examination and results announcement

Fighters participating in the tournament will be decided by the SRC Committee by examination of their applications. The final number of participants in the tournament will be decided by the number of applicants received by SRC. However, SRC basically plans to host 16 fighters for the tournament, including some seeded fighters and some reserve fighters.

SRC will render decisions on or before June 12, 2010 and contact the participating fighters.

● Fight date and match-ups

1 The first round of the tournament will be held on July 4, 2010 at SRC Asia vol.1

SRC plans to hold the second and future rounds of the tournament at SRC 14 and SRC 15. 

2 Match-ups and the order of fights will be decide by a random draw at SRC's upcoming press conference.

● other

※ SRC will pay travel and living expenses in region as per our tournament regulations (1 fighter and 1 cornerman). (shiroobi's note: "region" in this sentence means a Japanese region not near to Tokyo.)

You can download the application from here (shiroobi's note: there is only a Japanese version of the application)

(shiroobi's note: 81-3-5725-7109 is the FAX Number you need to send the application to from outside of Japan. I recommend that you confirm the transmission of your fax by getting an e-mail ( receipt from SRC.)

How to write application

Big thanks to Tony Loiseleur (from Sherdog) for English and editing.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How to use SKILL MMA's link section?

SKILL MMA is known as bring new view point for westerners MMA audience.But not only that.I make biggest misc information database of Japanese MMA.I make amount of photo section about Japanese MMA.I make link section connect to useful MMA Data web or nice MMA photo web or international MMA web.I give explanation about how to use SKILL MMA as a MMA portal.All of those can access from SKILL MMA's link section.

At first watch SKILL MMA's link section right side of this web just below blog's archive.

SKILL MMA relate

SKILL MMA's Picasa
(SKILL MMA's photo section.)
(SKILL MMA's social bookmark.I plan to introduce quality MMA article)
My Twitter Account
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Sherdog's SKILL MMA readers group
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MMA News
(Those are MMA news web.SKILL MMA isn't news web.So if you want news,use those web.)

Bloody Elbow
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MMA Data

Upcoming events list from Sherdog
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Fight Finder from Sherdog
(Fight record)
Fight Metric (fight stats)
(You can confirm your score is right or wrong)

MMA Data from SKILL MMA (I update those list when I need to.)

Japanese MMA Fighter blog list
(List of Japanese MMA scene fighter's blog.Most comprehensive one.)
Japanese MMA venue list
(list of Venue where MMA event hold and explanation)
Japanese MMA gym list
(list of Japanese MMA gym include nearest station and gym's head information)
Japanese MMA Fighter twitter list
(You can find Japanese MMA fighter's tweet)

Other Martial Arts Data by SKILL MMA

Martial Arts exist in Japan list
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Japanese Kick Boxing and Muay Thai event list
(List of Japanese Kick Boxing and Muay Thai.Introduce not only official web but also include official youtube channel or blog anything related)

(You can watch official MMA movie for those TV web)

Showtime : Strikeforce
HDNet : Dream and SRC aka Sengoku
iaTV : Pancrase

MMA Book
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Victory Belt

MMA Photo
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Daniel Herbertson Photography
All ELBOWS (Esther Lin and E. Casey)
Susumu's Gallery (Susumu Nagao)
one day sugi 2 (Hirofumi Sugi)

(Link to world's regional MMA web)

North America

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SRC aka Sengoku
Cage Force

SKILL MMA's Japanese MMA event list (More event listed)
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M-1 Grobal
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