Thursday, July 1, 2010

Japanese Kick Boxing / Muay Thai Scene Gym List

This is Japanese Kick-boxing or Muay Thai version of gym list.I know this isn't comprehensive list.But I think it's still best list at English language.Kick Boxing / Muay Thai is not specialty on this web so please understand it.

I mention gym's official links,what prefecture they belong,what railway station is nearest and Notable Fighters .

Attention.Some of gyms really luck to have ability to welcome foreigner due to luck of language skill or just teacher's capacity to run gym.I think you better go gym get welcomed.So I think better ask it at phone before you go.

Silver Wolf Official (Tokyo Sangenjyaya)
Notable former fighter "Masato" Kobayashi

Nagoya JK Factory Official (Aichi,Amagasaka)
Notable figher Yoshihiro Sato

Dragon Dojo Official (Tokyo,Machida)
Gym's head Kensaku Maeda
Notable figher Kyotaro,Daisuke Uematsu,Keiji Ozaki,Ryuji Kajiwara

Caesar Gym Official (Tokyo,Asakusa)
Notable Fighter Takaaki Umeno,Kenichi Ogata,Hiroki Shishido

Fujiwara Gym Official (Tokyo,Minowa)
Notable fighter Masahiro Yamamoto,Hisanori Maeda

Seishun Juku Official (Tokyo,Keiseiaoto)
Notable fighter Yuya Yamamoto,Naoki Ishikawa,Sakon Terada

Bungeling Bay Official (Tokyo,Ebisu)
Notable Fighter Hiroki Nakajima,Naoki Samukawa

Oikawa Dojo Official (Osaka,Chidoribashi)
Notable fighter Tomohiro Oikawa,Rena Kubota

M & J Kick Boxing Gym Official (Osaka, Nihonbashi)
Notable fighter Kizaemon Saiga

Taniyama Gym Official (Kanagawa,Isehara and Kanagawa,Sobudaimae)
Notable fighter Yasuhiro Kido

Try Hard Gym Official (Kanagawa,Kobuchi)
Notable fighter Hiroya Kawabe

Musashi Sports Center (Kanagawa,Aikoishida)
Coach Tomoyuki Mori (Akio "Musashi" Mori's brother)

Yamato Gym Official (Aichi,Kanayama)
Yamato Gym youtube channel
Notable fighter Tetsuya Yamato

Oguni Gym Official (Tokyo,Ikebukuro)
Notable fighter "Tomonori" Sato,Takashi Yoneda

Weerasakreck Fairtex Muay Thai Gym (Tokyo,Mikawajima and Tokyo,Minowa and Saitama,Warabi and Chiba Makuhari and Tokyo,Ochiaiminaminagasaki and Fukuoka,Shimoyamato and Tokyo,Higashiyamato and Chiba,Tennodai)
Notable fighter Wanrop Weerasakreck,Kuntap Weerasakreck,Kanongsuk Weerasakreck

Sugawara Dojo Official (Chiba,Aohori)
Notable fighter Yuji "Mad Fist" Takeuchi

Jiseikan Official (Chiba,Sango)
Notable fighter Kozo Takeda

DC Lab. Gym Official (Tokyo,Ebisu)
Notable fighter Yuta Kubo

Ihara Dojo (Tokyo, Ebisu)
Notable fighter Mutsuki Ebata,Rui Ebata

Real Deal Official (Tokyo,Omori and Fukuoka,Heiwadori and Fukuoka,Hakata and Fukuoka,Nishijin and Fukuoka,Tenjin)
Notable former fighter "Yuki" Taguchi

TARGET Official (Tokyo,Sugamo)
Notable fighter Fabiano Cyclone,Erika Kamimura

STURGIS Shinjuku Gym Official (Tokyo,Okubo)
Notable fighter Koji Yoshimoto

Meguro Fujimoto Gym Official (Tokyo,Meguro)
Notable fighter Hiroki Ishii

Rikix official (Tokyo, Ookayama and Kanagawa, Yurigaoka)
Gym's head Riki Onodera

Phoenix Official (Tokyo,Akihabara)
Gym's head Masaaki Kato

Hayato Gym Official (Tokyo,Gakugeidaigaku)
Gym's head Yuji "Hayato" Miyake

King Gym Official (Tokyo,Ojima)
Notable fighter Ryoichi "Rasyata" Sakiyama

Fire Takadanobaba Official (Tokyo,Takadanobaba)
Notable former fighter Toshimasa "Fire" Harada


  1. Great Job Man. Im considering a trip to Japan and will definitely visit the first 2 gyms


  2. I spend many time and money for taking those picture.So grad you like it.I hope you visit local kicx box event and those gyms at Japan.

  3. You live in Tokyo? Where are you from?
    Im sorry to bother you but I would be thrilled if you could answer some questions about my trip to Japan. Have been trying to translate websites but it kind of sucks.
    Do you have a facebook?
    Add me, mine is

    Thanks Man, Hope to hear from you

  4. I live in Tokyo.

    I don't know I can answer your question.But my mail is

    I don't have facebook.Only twitter.Send mail if you want.

  5. Shiroobi,

    Thanks for the information on your website.

    Would you know who the gym owner or manager of Yamato gym is? His name?

  6. I need training place in FUKUOKA,because I'm going to stay in fukuoka as a student. Arigato gozaimasu!

  7. Enjoy Fukuoka life that I think best gourmet city in Japan.

  8. Thanks for sharing this list. Muay Thai trainings is indeed one of the field that catches attention of the sports analysts and of the public.

  9. Phoenix gym is missing on this list
    Notable fighters include Genji Umeno!

    1. I just added Phoenix to list. I already taken that gym's photo long time ago but didn't add to this list yet.I need update this list but SKILL MMA have so many list and this is MMA web that's make this list not update yet. If you are interest, SKILL MMA Picasa have lot more kick gym's photo.

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    More details please visit my site.

    1. facebook?

  12. Meguro Fujimoto Gym is near for you. If you want do MMA too, Natural 9 is near for you.

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  14. Hello i am in Tokyo right now. Where would you suggest i go to train and spar, i am a fighter from new zealand and want to train with good japanese fighters. Osu

  15. Sorry for late reply. Try AACC or Alliance-Square since they have English student.

  16. Is there anyone here knows some fitness gym near Kaminagaya Kanagawa area?

  17. Is there anyone here knows some fitness gym near Kaminagaya Kanagawa area?


    Reversal Gym Totsuka have fitness program. Also Reversal Gym Yokohama Groundslam have fitness program.

  19. Are there any Muay Thai Gyms in or nearest to Wakayama?

  20. Limited option for Wakayama.Cna't find Muay Thai gym.

    MMA Gym YJ

    Cyokushinkai Wakayama (Kick Boxing)

  21. Hi,

    Awesome list. Are of of these gyms in Tokyo English friendly?

  22. I can't say cause it's depend on individual gym. But if you pay most gym will treat you as a customer.

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