Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clouds Of Childishness

In the past, I wrote about the supremacy of Lyoto Machida's karate. He then lost immediately.

Does that mean what I thought was wrong? I say yes and no.

Karate fighters know better how to create length with their kicks. But Shogun is not heavily reliant on his boxing skill; he has tremendous kicks, and was able to outkick Lyoto. Lyoto couldn't use his counters and hand work because he got stopped by Shogun's kicks.

Also, Lyoto has great clinchwork and he has the ability to determine the distance of a fight. However, Shogun has the strongest clinchwork in the light heavyweight division and was able to take that part of Lyoto's game away.

I still believe diversity is the major charm of the sport, but single martial arts can't win in MMA, and I underrated that aspect. But, karate will remain an important skill for effective MMA because of what Lyoto was able to do with his particular skillset. How to adapt a fighter's background skills to MMA is important, but it will remain an interesting theme to watch how these fighters show off their backgrounds.

I do think that there's a huge value to people who understand MMA and can try to predict the sport by evaluating fighters' skills and fundamentals. However, MMA can't be broken down by theory.

For instance, takedowns and judo throws are completely different skills, but their goal is the same: to take the opponent to the ground. There are different ways to take fighters down, knock them out, to submit them. Considering what kinds of skills comes from what martial arts and what foundations can make this sport's discourse much richer. The more exotic skills of fighters can't be judged by the most common analysis, yet, those skills will determine the new generation of fighters and contenders.

People in MMA claim that MMA itself is the almighty fighting skill. However, MMA can't run from other martial arts and their impact. Their effect will change MMA and for the better. MMA charms people with the whole package -- the idea that a fighter has all the skills necessary to win a fight -- so people want to draw the insane conclusion that MMA itself has all the answers about fighting. In order to not sound ridiculous, you need to be conscious where different elements of MMA come from and how they impact the sport.

MMA is notorious for this kind of behavior, though. It's childish, but then again, MMA has always had a immature essence going back to the style versus style days. That kind of argumentative childishness is in all of us, whether we're conscious of it or not.

If you want to watch my childishness, look at my Twitter.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kazuyuki Miyata's Reaction to HDNet K-1 Commentary

On July 23, HDnet's North American broadcast of July 5's K-1 Max 2010 contained frank and critical commentary from Michael Schiavello and FEG USA president Mike Kogan. This was covered by MMA media outlets like and

A Refreshing Piece of Candor on a K-1 Broadcast

Honest Moments in Combat Sports Commentating: Michael Schiavello and Mike Kogan Do K-1 Edition by Bloody Elbow

Since then, Miyata seems to have found out about it and has reacted on his blog.

Kazuyuki Miyata's blog July/27/2010

Here is a translation of his reaction (note: he only names Mike Kogan in his blog entry):

"K-1 USA's commentary man Mike Kogan was insulting me.

"He knows me but he's still saying things like that? I have confidence at 63kg. Of course, I have confidence in K-1 too. I have many weapons. I can win with my body strength alone at that div. I'm so pissed off that I'll fight in the next K-1 as well. I'll even fight anybody.

"I really want to kick someone's ass. It's been a long time since I've felt that way."

Kazuyuki Miyata

My personal opinion is that Miyata should not be the one blamed by the commentators. I think Miyata is better at MMA and should be fighting in MMA. However, the reason he is doing K-1 is that he was offered a fight from the organization. Miyata probably found it difficult to decline since he has a long history and relationship with K-1 Hero's, which is the promotion that produced him and made him popular in Japan. However, the organization's responsibility should still be to make the best kickboxing-oriented matchups, and not a match pitting a boxer versus an MMA fighter.

Alas, why must we still be saying these kinds of things in 2010?

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SKILL MMA want English editor

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Cult Martial Arts In MMA

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Japanese Kick Boxing / Muay Thai Scene Gym List

This is Japanese Kick-boxing or Muay Thai version of gym list.I know this isn't comprehensive list.But I think it's still best list at English language.Kick Boxing / Muay Thai is not specialty on this web so please understand it.

I mention gym's official links,what prefecture they belong,what railway station is nearest and Notable Fighters .

Attention.Some of gyms really luck to have ability to welcome foreigner due to luck of language skill or just teacher's capacity to run gym.I think you better go gym get welcomed.So I think better ask it at phone before you go.

Silver Wolf Official (Tokyo Sangenjyaya)
Notable former fighter "Masato" Kobayashi

Nagoya JK Factory Official (Aichi,Amagasaka)
Notable figher Yoshihiro Sato

Dragon Dojo Official (Tokyo,Machida)
Gym's head Kensaku Maeda
Notable figher Kyotaro,Daisuke Uematsu,Keiji Ozaki,Ryuji Kajiwara

Caesar Gym Official (Tokyo,Asakusa)
Notable Fighter Takaaki Umeno,Kenichi Ogata,Hiroki Shishido

Fujiwara Gym Official (Tokyo,Minowa)
Notable fighter Masahiro Yamamoto,Hisanori Maeda

Seishun Juku Official (Tokyo,Keiseiaoto)
Notable fighter Yuya Yamamoto,Naoki Ishikawa,Sakon Terada

Bungeling Bay Official (Tokyo,Ebisu)
Notable Fighter Hiroki Nakajima,Naoki Samukawa

Oikawa Dojo Official (Osaka,Chidoribashi)
Notable fighter Tomohiro Oikawa,Rena Kubota

M & J Kick Boxing Gym Official (Osaka, Nihonbashi)
Notable fighter Kizaemon Saiga

Taniyama Gym Official (Kanagawa,Isehara and Kanagawa,Sobudaimae)
Notable fighter Yasuhiro Kido

Try Hard Gym Official (Kanagawa,Kobuchi)
Notable fighter Hiroya Kawabe

Musashi Sports Center (Kanagawa,Aikoishida)
Coach Tomoyuki Mori (Akio "Musashi" Mori's brother)

Yamato Gym Official (Aichi,Kanayama)
Yamato Gym youtube channel
Notable fighter Tetsuya Yamato

Oguni Gym Official (Tokyo,Ikebukuro)
Notable fighter "Tomonori" Sato,Takashi Yoneda

Weerasakreck Fairtex Muay Thai Gym (Tokyo,Mikawajima and Tokyo,Minowa and Saitama,Warabi and Chiba Makuhari and Tokyo,Ochiaiminaminagasaki and Fukuoka,Shimoyamato and Tokyo,Higashiyamato and Chiba,Tennodai)
Notable fighter Wanrop Weerasakreck,Kuntap Weerasakreck,Kanongsuk Weerasakreck

Sugawara Dojo Official (Chiba,Aohori)
Notable fighter Yuji "Mad Fist" Takeuchi

Jiseikan Official (Chiba,Sango)
Notable fighter Kozo Takeda

DC Lab. Gym Official (Tokyo,Ebisu)
Notable fighter Yuta Kubo

Ihara Dojo (Tokyo, Ebisu)
Notable fighter Mutsuki Ebata,Rui Ebata

Real Deal Official (Tokyo,Omori and Fukuoka,Heiwadori and Fukuoka,Hakata and Fukuoka,Nishijin and Fukuoka,Tenjin)
Notable former fighter "Yuki" Taguchi

TARGET Official (Tokyo,Sugamo)
Notable fighter Fabiano Cyclone,Erika Kamimura

STURGIS Shinjuku Gym Official (Tokyo,Okubo)
Notable fighter Koji Yoshimoto

Meguro Fujimoto Gym Official (Tokyo,Meguro)
Notable fighter Hiroki Ishii

Rikix official (Tokyo, Ookayama and Kanagawa, Yurigaoka)
Gym's head Riki Onodera

Phoenix Official (Tokyo,Akihabara)
Gym's head Masaaki Kato

Hayato Gym Official (Tokyo,Gakugeidaigaku)
Gym's head Yuji "Hayato" Miyake

King Gym Official (Tokyo,Ojima)
Notable fighter Ryoichi "Rasyata" Sakiyama

Fire Takadanobaba Official (Tokyo,Takadanobaba)
Notable former fighter Toshimasa "Fire" Harada