Thursday, July 25, 2013

Japanese MMA video list by organization

There are many free fight videos available online that have been posted by Japanese MMA organizations in order to increase their presence in the rest of the world. These are legal to watch. Some are classic fights, while others are designed to build up new prospects.

Normally, people's primary interest is in bright prospects who have the potential to win fights on the international scene. At the same time, fighters who compete locally for many years and finally win a Shooto or Pancrase title can also produce excitement and drama for fans who may not have seen them before.

Also, local JMMA organizations' belts have history within them and fighters want to be part of that. It may not be top league on the local scene, but the basic fun of watching MMA is always there, and watching fights from other countries can sometimes compel us to plan trips to travel there.

Hopefully people will watch these videos and buy event DVDs or come to Japan in the future to watch a JMMA event.

Official Event Videos:
Deep - Nagoya Impact: Kobudo Fight 2012/03/25

DEEP Flyweight Tournament Fights Takeshi Kasugai vs. Takumi Murata

DEEP Flyweight Tournament Fights Yuki Motoya vs. Akito Sakimura

DEEP Flyweight Tournament Fights Akira Kibe vs. Takashige Hirukawa

DEEP Flyweight Tournament Fights - Naoyuki Kato vs. Hirotaka Miyakawa

Deep - Nagoya Impact 2012: Kobudo Fight 2012/07/22

DEEP Flyweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Akira Kibe vs. Akito Sakimura

DEEP Flyweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Yuki Motoya vs. Naoyuki Kato

DEEP Flyweight Tournament Final: Yuki Motoya vs. Akira Kibe (starts at 1:05:00)

Deep - Nagoya Impact: Kobudo Fight 2013/05/05

Sotaro Kojima vs. Akira Kibe

Deep - Nagoya Impact 2014 2014/2/9

Naoki Inoue vs. Gaku Sakamoto

Shooto - Border: Season 3 - Roaring Thunder

Akihito Ishihara vs. Kenji Yamamoto

Shooto - Border: Season 4 - First

Akihito Ishihara vs. Jong Hoon Choi

Shooto - Border: Season 4 - Second

Kenji Yamamoto vs. Kosuke Eda

Kentaro Watanabe vs. Nam Jin Jo

Shinji Sasaki vs. Kota Shimoishi

Shooto - Border: Season 4 - Third

Masaaki Sugawara vs. Junya Kodo

Shooto - Border: Season 5 - First 

Yosuke Saruta vs. Kentaro Watanabe

Shooto - Gig North 6

Bae Young Kwon vs. Daisuke Ishizawa

Shooto - Gig North 7

Fumihiro Kitahara vs. Junya Kodo

Shooto - Gig Central 20

Yuta Sasaki vs. Shinji Maeguchi

Shooto - Gig Central 24: Love and Courage

Takasuke Kume vs. Shane Nelson

Pancrase (Miscellaneous Fights)

Mitsuhisa Sunabe vs. Takuya Eizumi

Satoru Kitaoka vs. Paul Daley

Carlos Condit vs. Tatsunori Tanaka

Big thanks to Robert Sargent  (MMA Rising) for English editing.