Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Japanese Defunct MMA Event List

The Japanese MMA scene has been through a lot of turmoil in the past. There are some organizations that have been and gone and are now defunct.

They are listed here to remind people of the history of Japanese MMA.

Major promotions:

This was the biggest Japanese MMA promotion and arguably ruled the MMA world from 1997 until 2007.

PRIDE official (archived)

Hero’s was created by FEG, K-1’s parent organization, to try and compete with PRIDE. DREAM is the spiritual successor to this promotion.

Hero's official (archived)


Local-level promotions

Smack Girl
Smackgirl was the only stable women’s MMA organization and ran from 2001 to 2008. It was known for its 30 second ground limit.

Smack Girl Official (archived)

Seikendo was created by Satoru Sayama (Tiger Mask and founder of Shooto.) It was focused on realistic “street fight” style fighting.

Seikendo Official (archived)

MARS was an MMA organization created by Korean residents of Japan. It was thought to be able to give Korean fighters a chance to succeed. However, the organization fell apart due to inexperience and poor management.

MARS Official (archived)

A women’s MMA promotion. Not that well known, but it was where Yuka Tsuji broke out of a crowd of talented fighters. She beat Ikuma Hoshino who was the most accomplished female Japanese MMA fighter at that time.

AX Official (archived)


Regional-level promotions

Real Rhythm
MMA organization in Osaka that was connected with DEEP.

Real Rhythm Official (archived)

This organization had a mixture of MMA and Judo rules. It resembled Judo with strikes. Throws were awarded points, two ippons would be the equivalent of a KO.

J-Do official (archived)

TITAN fight
TITAN fight official
TITAN fight official youtube channel
TITAN fight's org head Kenichi Yamamoto blog

King of the Cage Japan
King of the Cage Japan official (archived)

M-1 Global Japan
M-1 Global Japan official (archived)

Voltage official (archived)
Voltage official youtube channel
Voltage official blog


Japanese gangsta fight and other small organization

Hearts Crush
Hearts Crush Official (archived)

Ken-Oh official (archived)
Virginity's youtube channel(Which make Ken-Oh video material)

TSUWAMONO official (archieved)
TSUWAMONO's youtube channel

Ga-Chi (former Ya-Oh)
Ga-Chi Official (archieved)

Kamikaze Pounders
Kamikaze Pounders Official

SKILL MMA's Current Japanese MMA Event List

Big thanks to Matt Benyon (from The Grappling Dummy) for English editing.

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