Friday, March 12, 2010

Foreign fighter who fight for Japanese local MMA twitter list

MMA is international sports.Fighter or trainer or supporter around the globe across border make this fight game richer.I introduce foreign fighter (include former) who fight in Japanese local MMA to commemorate them.People not knowing local MMA's international relationship compare to major MMA.But that's most certain power for help MMA to broad globe.

I introduce fighter who fight at Japanese local MMA more than 5 times who also have twitter account.

Erik Paulson
First American Shooto title holder.Defend belt for 5 years long.His gym "CSW" have Shooto style element and many fighter come to know what he learn and experience at Japan.

CSW Training Center

Joachim Hansen
He had Shooto's best divisions title "welter weight" with victory over Takanori Gomi.Beat Shinya Aoki make him first Dream light weight champ.His next bout for Dream feather weight title against Bibiano Fernandes.His appearance appear MMA exist in north Europe.

Team Joachim Hansen (support team in Japan)'s blog

Frank Shamrock
He had Pancrase title,Participate Vale Tudo Japan,Participate UFC Japan.clearly have long history with Japan.Won UFC championship.Still fight for Strikeforce.

Official Frank Shamrock web

Shonie Carter
Have a fight with Shooto and Pancrase.UFC veteran.Learn Shidokan Karate,Judo and Jiujitsu.

Official Shonie Carter web

Ryan Bow
Move to Japan for fighting joining PUREBRED Omiya.Long time Shooto ranker.Challenge DEEP light weight title.Back to the states.Currently run gym at Kentwood, Michigan and Kamata, Tokyo

Kaminari Dojo (His gym)

Antonio Carvalho
Move to Japan for fighting.Join AACC (Abe Ani Combat Club) Challenge Shooto lightweight title.Fought in Cage Force too.His interest not only MMA fought grappling (DEEP X) or Kick Boxing (Shooto Boxing) too.

Jake Shields
Former Shooto Middile weight title holder.Rumble On The Rock Welter Weight tournament winner.Elite XC Welter Weight title holder.Current Strikeforce Middle weight champ.

Jake Shields Official Web

Roxanne Modafferi
Choice Japanese language for University studies.Not only doing MMA but also doing English teacher.Debut at Japanese promotion Smack Girl.Winner of K-GRACE tournament winner.

Roxanne Modafferi Official Web

Guy Mezger
Former Pancrase title holder. UFC light weight tournament winner.HDnet commentator.

Guy Mezger's combat sports club

Ricardo Almeida
Former Pancrase title holder.UFC fighter.

Enson Inoue
Beat Randy Couture make first time people's eye to Shooto.Basically one of source people bring Brazilian Jiujitsu skill to Japan.Making PUREBRED branches gym at Japan,Saipan,Guam and contribute produce local fighter.

Enson Inoue Official blog (English)
Enson Inoue Official blog (Japanese)
His gym Purebred Omiya

Nathan Marquardt
Former Pancrase title holder.(with youngest record).UFC title challenger.Make famous Pancrase's brand in UFC.

Nathan Marquardt Official Web

Bas Rutten
Former Pancrase title holder.Move to UFC and Take UFC title.Doing coach at IFL.Famous at PRIDE commentator.

Bas Rutten Official Web

SKILL MMA's twitter list "Foreign fighter who fight for Japanese local MMA"

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