Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to buy MMA ticket in Japan? (DEEP and Jewels)

How to buy MMA ticket in Japan? (DEEP and Jewels)
Note : I can't grantee this information's correctness.Ticket system or organization policy will change when they need.

How to buy MMA ticket in Japan? At first you need go Japanese MMA's organization web to find out ticket code.If you know those code,you can buy it at convenience store. I write about DEEP and Jewels at this article.I will write about other organization soon.I want respond if you use this article.I write this kind of thing and use diigo first time,so I don't know it works well.

At first you need install diigo to watch my web sticky note.


Did you install it? Then let's find out ticket code.

How to buy DEEP's ticket

DEEP official web

This is DEEP's official web.Click biggest jpg to watch event page.

event page

event page

You need watch sticky note and confirm card,date,venue,venue open time,event start time,ticket fee,when ticket start selling and most importantly p-code or l-code.

You need memo those code and bring them to convenience store.You need ask clerk how to buy ticket with code.You need show your p-code or l-code to clerk.

You need find out event's own p-code or l-code.every event have differ code.

How to buy Jewels's ticket

Jewels home page

This is Jewels's official web.You can find newest event details.I add sticky notes but it's just for next 19 March event.It will change when event is done but I do think they will appear next event with same style.


Japanese MMA event venue list with Google maps
If event is near hold date.There is possibility to finish ticket selling at ticket service.Still you can go to event and buy ticket at venue.(You need pay extra fee 500yen though.)

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