Saturday, November 21, 2009

Breakdown of Escudero vs Miller at UFC 103 (with some Jordan Breen)

After UFC 103, HumungusMMA asked me on twitter about Efrain Escudero vs Cole Miller.

@shiroobi what did you think of Escudero's head movement? 1 foot away from all of Miller's punches.

Of course, Escudero avoided almost every strike by Miller. Escudero was very conscious of Miller's reach, and was able to move his head just off the end of Miller's hand when he struck.

@humungusMMA It's more about length matter I think because Escudero keep length Miller can't hit left jab,When Miller comin Escudero counter.

Cole Miller seemed to think he should be putting Escudero up against the cage, and cornering him with his reach, but in reality, Escudero didn't have any problems with being there, because he had enough space and head movement to stay off the end of his punches. Escudero's head movement allowed him to come forward, making Miller move back and reset his distance, so he could use his reach. However, because he couldn't strike as well he stepped back and reset, Escudero was able to counter.

When Escudero succeeded in countering Miller, he chased him to now allow Miller to regain distance and used his reach. Miller couldn't strike while going backwards, and Escudero kept coming forward, and knocked him out.

HumungusMMA, is this a better answer for you?

I run a site called "SKILL MMA", but regrettably, I haven't done much evaluation of skills in MMA. Hopefully this satisfies you, and you can understand why I run a site with such a name.

* * *

After wrote this, I asked Jordan Breen to brush up the English writing and asked his opinion.

Shiroobi: How you think about content? Is there any chance of improve or any fault?

Jordan: I like it a lot. The one thing I'd point out though is that the punch Escudero clobbered him with coming forward, he actually shortened the punch, which very few guys in MMA can do properly. Most guys would've thrown a lunging, retarded punch, and it would've flown over Miller's shoulder or something. Escudero shortened his right hand coming forward and smashed him right on the chin.

Jordan: Same way Kongo caught Cain coming in. Most guys can't cut their punches short and drive them like that, it's actually fairly high level stuff you don't get in MMA too much.

Jordan: Most MMA guys, running forward at an opponent, would've thrown their punch far forward, and it would've either completely missed, or not had any power on it because it would been an arm lunge.

Big thanks to Jordan Breen for English and giving a thoughtful view.


  1. Thank you.

    I found it interesting to see someone so easily overcome the reach advantage like that with better technique. Shades of Sean Sherk/Nick Diaz.

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