Monday, October 12, 2009

Japan Martial Arts Federation start

Japan martial arts federation start at October 20.Reception and press conference will be hold at that day.It's 8th affiliate federation under Japanese wrestling federation.Japanese wrestling federation's head Tomiaki Fukuda will be leader of new federation too.

Sengoku,Pancrase,Shooto,ZST are participate by pro organization.Muay Thai,Sambo,BJJ,Combat Wrestling,Pankration,Belt Wrestling,Kurash,Silat are paticipate as amateur organization.

Purpose for foundation is bring competitor for event controlled by Japanese Olympic committee.FILA (Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees aka International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles) start MMA committee and it makes wrestling and other martial arts's exchange is important reason too.

At first Japan martial arts federation will bring competitors for Asian Indoor Games.

It will be the third and the last annual asian indoor games event before merging with asian martial arts games.

Next is bring competitor for world grappling event hold by FILA in Florida in 2009 December and world martial Arts games hold in Beijing in 2010 Summer.

2009 Asian Indoor Games

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